Sport equipment has a wide market as there are many who participate in a sport. Individual can participate in sports as an individual or as part of a team. Many teams use equipment with which to train their teams.

For example, rugby players would be in need of sport equipment, which include rugby balls, rugby scrumming machines and even rugby poles. It is great for schools, universities, colleges and clubs, if they can find a place from where most equipment is available.

Sport equipment plays a role in almost any school, university or college. Thus, we at FLICX can assist you with any product you need. Our policy is that if we do not have it, we will find it for you. We also supply sports venues as well as home users with whatever is needed.

Our sport equipment covers every kind of sport and equipment you could think of. We supply clubs, for example with permanent net systems, especially for cricket practices. Our equipment include, scoreboards, discuss cages, goalposts,
Grandstands and many more are at your service.

Two of our original sport equipment, which has quite a history, is still available. These are the Brell Express Bowling Machine and the Flicx Cricket Pitch. The Bowling Machine has had so much improvement that it is now offered to all levels of the game.

It is also necessary to remember that we do not only sell the sport equipment, but we aim to serve in terms of repairs, maintenance and upgrades. This applies to most of the products you have purchased and especially those we sell.